About Me

Hi and welcome to my portfolio!  Please have a look around, and if you have any questions, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to help.I am born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa and the experiences it has to offer!

From a young age, I always loved playing around with make-up.  I would study images in magazines and then practise applying make up on myself.

During my final year at school, I discovered that becoming a make-up artist is something I wanted to, and could do and immediately investigated it further.  I signed up with The Make Up Issue where I completed a course and obtained my Diploma as a Make-Up Artist & Hairstylist.

I was then thrown out into the world and had to make my way in this very competitive industry.  Living in Cape Town made it slightly easier as much of the industry operates from here.  I’ve made many contacts with photographers, agents, models and various companies involved in the trade and have been very fortunate to have been given many opportunities to gain valuable experiences in the industry.

Being a make-up artist is indeed being an artist; being able to turn a blank canvas (being the face and hair) into something extraordinary and beautiful is both exciting and challenging.

I am constantly looking for new ideas and styles of make-up, new products and hair styles to continue learning in this dynamic line of business;  this is, indeed, an industry that I love.

Some of my clients include TFG MAN, TFG TECH, Natural Medicine, Club, Balanced Life, Tsogo Sun, Isuzu, Oprah, Castle Lite, Edgars, Seventeen and Discovery, Fancourt Magazine, Jameson Whiskey, Edgars, Huisgenoot, Vrouekeur, Flying Fish, Amarula, Media 24, Pep, Ackermans, Clicks, Khuluma, Finesse, Pioneer Food, Spree, Green Cross, Captain Morgan, PnP Wines and ASICS to name a few.

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